Begins Tuesday February 23rd

                         9 pm Eastern Time, 6 pm Pacific Time  

                                  Twelve  Awesome Weeks

                              Surfing the Universal Current





How is 2016 treating you so far? Boy I know I’m getting geared up for the best year of my life! I started the holidays and New Year in Ecuador on a retreat working with indigenous Kitchwa Shamans deep in the Amazon! Wow talk about an adventure and profound healing experience.

      Anyhow, this year is off to an amazing start and I’m offering a New Tele-course for those who are really ready to make some powerful “shifts” and looking for support for their Dreams and Desires this year. It is a great way to begin to manifest those wonderful, passionate ideas you’ve been thinking about for some time.

   This course will be putting the Law of Attraction into action and supporting you to gain greater access to your personal connection to the Universal Current, God… Source…that flows through everything!

There is power in the group. Some of you have participated in my groups before and you know how powerful the group dynamic can be, this new group is going to rocket all participants to the next level and then some. We will create and support each other in our expanding edge week to week.

 We will be exploring powerful and practical tools to assist you step by step in creating the life you’ve dreamed of.

 Some of the topics to be explored.

How to discover and choose those things you want to create.

What are the beginning steps to manifesting your passion?

 (This is where many people get stuck, before they even get going!)

  What is the mindset, beliefs and thoughts that are working for you and which ones are working against you. 

 Maybe you’re someone who has tried Law of Attraction work in the past but “think” it doesn’t really work…. Remember it is a LAW. Not optional. The optional part is whether or not you choose to work with it.

 How to “get it working” in your life. Getting YOU working with LOA as a powerful ally.

Really, truly learning to “choose your thoughts”. Do you let your thoughts think you?  

 Emotions are the “fuel” in which we manifest. The importance and power of daily emotional maintenance and what that is for you!

Simple direct exercises for you to use daily so you can begin to consciously manifest your dreams and desires.

The course will run approx. 3 months, for a total of 12 group calls. 4 group calls per month plus one-on-one coaching calls. All group calls will be recorded so you can access later for review or in case you cannot be on a call. Group calls will run approx 90 min.


Basic course.  Includes one (1) personal coaching session per month and all group calls. 300.00 per month X 3 months.  Total $ 900.00 for three months. Payment plan available.

What I recommend is the Silver, Gold or Platinum packages.


Silver package. 2 coaching sessions per month and all calls 400.00 per month X 3 months. $1,200.00 (50 dollar discount per month) payment schedule available for this package.

Gold package. 3 coaching sessions per month, all group calls 500.00 per month X 3 months. $1,500.00 (100 dollar discount per month) payment schedule available for this package.

Platinum Package. You get the chakra chart, auric field chart and numerology to track deeper transformation (this is about 2 hours initial coaching/ session at the start) helps you get a very comprehensive picture of where your strengths are as well as some aspects of self you are in the process of “realizing”.  This package is for someone looking for powerful, deep transformation in a relative short amount of time.

 Not only do you get 4 sessions a month with me but you also get on-going email support, plus distance work as needed. I keep my eye on you daily!

 4 Coaching sessions per month, all group calls, 750.00 per month.

 (Approx. 500.00 discount total for the 3 months)

 This one must be paid in full at the start for a minimum of 3 months ($2,250.00)



                               Begins Tuesday February 23rd

                         9 pm Eastern Time, 6 pm Pacific Time

Class Syllabus

Week One… Mindset… Re-framing.. What is real? What is the truth? How do you see the world?

Week Two… The Causal Level. The Universal Current. Creating worlds. Creator Status.

Week Three…  Beliefs… Thoughts… Emotions..  Allowing yourself to receive.

Week Four… What thoughts to create and attach to. Which thoughts to not attach to.

Week Five… Putting into daily practice. What are you consciously going to create?  Vibration. Vibration. Vibration. Allowing, Receiving, Allowing…

 Week Six… Minding your own vibration… How not to deal with other peoples’ energies.  Bringing yourself back from the “brink”. More Allowing.

Week Seven…  You create it all… getting it??

Week Eight… Why do people change when I do? Kenton’s Version of ho’o pono pono and how to use this powerful tool to clear blocks on your path…

Week Nine…  Healing VS. Vibrational Approach.. The definition of a Miracle. How to set the stage for miracles to happen in your life. Even more Allowing.

Week Ten…  Vision board… Inverted Pyramid of attach/ don’t attach. Seeing the way forward.

Week Eleven…  Fine Tuning. Time to share where you are, what you have learned and get feedback.  What’s next?

 Week Twelve…  Expanding your current belief system to allow what is next in your life. Keeping your passion while surfing your expanding edge. Celebration. Ridiculous Appreciation and Beyond. 


 Any questions or to register for the course please call or email Kenton 

 Phone: 928-274-2026

Email: [email protected]